BIRTHFIT is an empowered, educated state of readiness, specific to childbirth, that is achieved through an evolved practice in fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset.

BIRTHFIT is a movement. It’s about expecting and postpartum moms taking charge of their bodies and their decisions, and supporting one another’s journeys—together and apart.

BIRTHFIT is an approach to birth. We challenge the status quo and ask the questions no one else asks. We read, research, experiment, and consolidate all the common sense, time-honored wisdom, and recent studies we can find and present that information to you through various education models.

Our pillars are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic & mindset. We unconditionally support YOU—the birth mom & birth partner—to make the best decision for you and Baby.



BIRTHFIT GF serves women in the Greater Grand Forks area who are looking to intentionally prepare for or recover from childbirth. The Motherhood Transition spans the preconception period through at least the first year postpartum, and any woman within this time frame (or beyond) is welcome to participate in the services offered at BIRTHFIT GF to help facilitate their best Motherhood Transition.




My name is Natalie Muth and I am thrilled to bring the BIRTHFIT movement to Grand Forks!! I am a BIRTHFIT Professional and Regional Director, and co-founder of Plains Chiropractic & Acupuncture P.C.
Join in as we work together to bring more options for education, support and encouragement to the motherhood transitions for mamas in the upper Red River Valley. You can sign up for emails below & contact me at birthfitgrandforks@gmail.com.
I am a wife, mother, and chiropractor in addition to wearing my BIRTHFIT “hat”. I consider myself a lifelong learner and enjoying share my interest in health and wellness. With deep ties to the Red River Valley, I am rooted in the Greater Grand Forks community!
My passion is empowering patients and families to be active participants in their own health. With a chiropractic practice focused on pediatric, prenatal and overall family care, I enjoy helping children and their mothers flourish during all stages of life! As a BIRTHFIT Regional Director I seek to bring more support, education, resources, and encouragement to women throughout the motherhood transition!
In addition to my work with BIRTHFIT I serve as the ACA Clinical Council on Pediatrics Secretary, and as a member of the North Dakota Chiropractic Association, ACA, and ICPA.
While out of the office you’ll find me parenting, cooking, reading, exercising and advocating for our community in various volunteer roles. My favorite “hobbies” are chasing adventure and finding beauty in the everyday moments with my four children, husband, and dog.